recent projects

  • Project Robusta

    RSS aggregator for news stories related to a specific vertical industry (more)
  • Project Arabica

    Enterprise search engine for tracking RFPs, proposals, past performance, and company qualifications (more)
  • Project French_roast

    On-line time keeping (billing) system for consultancy (more)
  • Project Turkish

    Issue tracking system (more)
  • Project Espresso

    Help desk automation (more)
  • Project Neapolitan

    Web application penetration testing (more)
  • Project Hazelnut

    Covert channel application to tunnel system administration through AOL instant messaging (AIM) (more)
  • Project Columbia

    Large scale forensic analysis of millions of Windows event log entries (more)
  • Project Viennese

    Automated eDiscovery application for automating search and analysis of hundreds of thousands of files and email messages (more)
  • Project Kahlua

    Continuous vulnerability assessment and reporting (more)
  • Project Harrar

    Web search automation and network analysis (more)
  • Project Santos

    Construction of large scale social network database using Enron email corpus (more)
  • Project Tarrazu

    Visualization of network intrusion detection data (more)
  • Project Joe

    Detect low latency open web proxies (more)
  • Project Sumatra

    Endpoint security application to demonstrate USB vulnerabilities (more)
  • Project Yirgacheffe

    Large scale screen scraping (more)
  • Project Sidamo

    POP3 monitoring application (more)
  • Project Kaffee

    Information Security community zeitgeist (more)
  • Project Macchiato

    Data Extraction, Transform, and Load (ETL) (more)
  • Project Latte

    Social Network Analysis (SNA) of communication networks (more)
  • Project Percolator

    On-line business communication and collaboration (more)
  • Project Cocoa

    Geospatial location detection and gazetteer lookup (more)